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Kiondoo basket Dark Grey M

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Native to Kenya, these baskets quickly became one of our favorites! The kiondoo baskets are the perfect home accessory with their beautiful natural aesthetic. Use them as a storage basket for your blankets, magazines or even fire wood. They are also great as a practical shopper or decorative planter.

Handcrafted by artisan weavers from the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes in Kenya, these baskets made from strong and durable sisal fibre fuse age-old culture seamlessly with contemporary design. Often made during the dry season when the crop is growing on the fields, these baskets generate a direct income for hard-working families. 
Having lived and worked alongside these artisans for many years and speaking the language fluently, our founder Jolien makes sure each weaver gets paid an honest price for their baskets. By buying a basket you directly support a Kenyan mama or baba, from the village to your home.